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lunedì 16 febbraio 2015

How to heal the pain of love according to Helen Fisher

How to heal the pain of love? A good question beacuse all men at least once have suffered. According to psychologist Helen Fisher the best treatment is the total detachment from That person.  Why is this? Because love brings addictive as any drug is addiction. Of course everyone can agree or not on the theory of Dr. Fisher.

Love the feeling of the world's oldest

Is born before love or pain? I believe the first, the pain is a consequence of a life experience. Love is born with life. Emotions exist for millions of years - continued Helen Fisher and we hear frequently need. When we are sad is because we have to overcome trauma: for this the central dopamine (such as being abstinent). Suffering for love is a call to a lack and need for your body.

How to recover from heartbreak

Listed as a dependency lovesickness: the best cure is to stay away from the cause. Practically not looking more photos of the your  former partner, do not try to call him and sending sms also waiting to chat on whatsapp. I believe that another universal medicine is the time. Obviously overcome this stage in another period of  life the human being is destined to fall in love again. Because love works in the brain as fear: no one immune. Then resigned: life and love is an indivisible union :)

Theory cynical about love

For the  most sensitive the theory of total detachment may appear  cynical and heartless, because as they say the person who suffers most is hoping for a return to the other side. After all, hope is always the last thing to die. But it is also true that the eyes of a lover who is see reality in a rather distorted. Yet I find most unfortunate people who have never Suffered for love. Because he never loved you as never having existed. But do not get me wrong, I mean of the man who has never loved an animal or even a rose. because this is also a kind of love.

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