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mercoledì 18 febbraio 2015

Bill Bresnan, every day for 40 years write a love letter to his wife

A man named Bill Bresnan for 40 years writes a daily romantic letter to his wife: 10,000 letters laden with love and passion for his muse. Surely this Valentine's Day just concluded Mr. Bresnan could be a worthy representative of the feast of love. A leaf is always his signature and the word I love you.
Bill Bresnan is a rare example of romance living in an age that love for many is seen as something secondary and not essential. Just met his future wife Kristen had started to dedicate letters and thoughts of love, now the poet is 74 years old. Moreover must have a considerable imagination to succeed every day to write a note romantic

40 years of love letters to his wife

When love is eternal: the memories and passion continue even after death; already because this is the daily vocation of Bill Bresnan for  his wife. Their story began in school: he was a teacher, she a beautiful student from northern Europe, then a coffee - the journey together, love came into their lives. A modest wedding in a small town in New Jersey where they live without ever having had a real discussion, if not some disagreement.

The story of Bill will inspire young couples?

Bill hopes his story can accommodate young couples who appear in his eyes like far, most committed in front of their smartphones to understand their partner. Do not you watch in the eye - he continued. His advice '' Enjoy the time you spend together.

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