lunedì 16 gennaio 2012

Michelle Obama on Twitter Record: 150 000 followers in 3 hours

The First Lady Michelle Obama has a personal record of inclusion after an hour already counted 20 000 Twitter followers, in the other 4 hours are now 150 000.

New York: The figure say  20 thousand followers in one hour more of Lady Gaga and homegrown pop stars of Hollywood. Michelle Obama has continued in only a few hours in her steadily rising among the big names on Twitter reaching the threshold of 150 thousand followers. The polls say that in a few more hours will exceed her husband.

The registration to the social network has been recommended by the White House for his election campaign alleging that the President of the United States. Who wants to follow the First Lady has to type on Twitter @ michellobama. Mrs. Obama signs his twitter with the suffix "m" her husband with the abbreviation "bo"

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