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venerdì 2 settembre 2011

Badoo and I like you: Pay as you fool me!

If you are registered on Facebook it will be understood to find in your bulletin board for users
strangers who you vote for your photo and profile. Behind this maze is almost always illusory shadow of 2 dating sites dating or whatever they're called, Badoo and I like you, Finally at the beginning may seem a serious way to find new people and maybe the love of your life, as dictated by their advertising!
But it's all true? Of course not, they make you register under the illusion that it is practically all free but it is not true, and how services are paid if you pay. Already the idea to make Badoo site can be listed as the limit of the scam, many profiles do not even have their real pictures, but that of famous actresses and tits, we understand those pictures from a mile that does not make sense, they are placed at random (nice business card).
After you have created your profile you can start your own research trying to find girls in your area, the number of messages I think is limited to no more than 10 days between each other and do not even respond to your profile is disconcerting number of visits, type 3 a month,probably true in many of the photos of some girl will read the usual comments of the local bullies photographed bare-chested with out the feel of their superiority in their limited sphere of human brain.
I said finishing the bonus of the messages that do? Simple you have to buy the super-powers but even here 'if you mess up you will always have produced limited number of messages which tricked and not reimbursed, the super-powers are used mostly to see who has visited your site and read private messages, impossible to accomplish without them these simple steps!
The days go by your searches are targeted and treated, and bushes will not even respond, then you think "boh must be something back, or maybe I just do not like anyone.
The correct answer is the first Badoo is not working, people do a profile but it is the interactive level, exchange of words with another surfer is zero! The package with the superpowers will take 3 to 1 month, then you have to upload it again another 20 euros, I had to give a vote is 4 to Mr. Badoo, not to be so cynical.

I like you: this is probably more scam first, what is it, i like you is a site where you can chat through webcam with other girls, do not finish the registration and will have messages arrive girls, including the other cities of your own, but how do they do?
Go back to your ip and location, of course, is to respond to messages in private chat you must subscribe to a subscription, only fools and disillusioned do not realize that they are often the same moderators that will send messages Spicy to buy a subscription!
Or there are the same girls paid to do this, focus on people who sign a subscription're joining a real contract, which cleverly does not tell you that deleting your profile from the site the cost will automatically renew the same, So when you decide not to make the most of this false world, send an e-mail support are increasingly obliged to respond, ask whatever you want to cancel, thus avoiding the month following the unpleasant surprise of seeing your paypal account decrease of other 30 euros!

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