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mercoledì 24 agosto 2011

Sardinia to stay next to my sea

Several times I started to search for the forbidden dream in the great London, but every time my adventure was not the most fortunate. And here go back to my homeland to be consoled by that sea of autumn colors is magical, there are days in the fall season where you can even swim because the water retains its heat last!
Stay right next to the sea, keep his mind on his show, quietly confident that beyond Neptune that deep abyss of God there is a woman you loved deeply. The rolling hills immortal keep secrets,because Sardinia is a land of mystery, unspoilt heritage of culture,where my brave ancestors built a real company.
Is not fantasy to think that as long as 5000 years BC in Sardinia, he knew the art of writing and reading.
It is not just a dream Sardinia define the land submerged like Atlantis,too many things lead back to my area! Also in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea as the land disappeared, in Sardinia was a thriving society advanced, mystical land of tombs that says protected the eternal sleep of the legendary giants.
Yet of all my thoughts on the sea front I still have not found a complete joy,the sea that separates me from her that is still in me emotions and loneliness,but it was only the blue sea to separate us I would not be left to frolic in this stretch of my life and the show itself.

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