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mercoledì 25 maggio 2011

Donkey burned alive on facebook!

In my mind keeps evil images of a shocking video that is running on facebook 2 days''than a donkey who was burned alive,''I knew I had to watch it imagining that it was not a real thing.

The video is chilling two boys seems to put some gas from Algeria to the back of the donkey so that it can be approached only by believing that they wanted to caress
but these 2 bastards first throw gasoline on the back and then give it fire, who has a bit of sensitivity can not help but feel helpless seeing this animal innoccente catch fire and literally become a human torch, runs on the same desperate and those 2 shits still funny feeling to famous internet world.

After 1 minute the donkey starts to run like a fool cause the pain disappearing on the horizon surely trying to resist his last minutes of life, you try Image if he lives what is still suffering this innocent creature.

I feel indescribable anguish in my soul, i shall be selfish being aware of other videos made ​​by shits so raw that should be part of the human race will not wish to see them again.

No use, there have been protests and messages to look for these two criminals even 3 because there was one who was holding the camera, so no one will do anything, I wish they were prosecuted and that the karma of all the evil they have done could go against, but what I would count that evil man is passing each forecast contains.

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