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martedì 19 aprile 2011

long-distance relationship, what can 'take

I apologize for my English but I have seen that there are people from the U.S. visiting my blog and now I try to write my posts also in English
sorry again for my English

Love has no color it has only one language
but one of the obstacles most is the 'large' distance
how long a couple can tolerate the burden
to see each other a few times to 'years to wait
that day to meet!

Sometimes it becomes almost a sacrifice to have a
confidence begins to fail and do
not understand each other with each other

It 'like being at a crossroads and decide
whether to continue fighting,Hoping one day
that this distance will be 'filled

or even to have the courage to say enough
i don't want more to be sad without you
and let this relationship has to end!

In many cases, even those who were married
but for business or another had to be
for long periods outside marriage
and it 'sadly over.

The husband to do paranoid delusions
that his wife was cheating on another man
f at that time
was not on the phone,

and maybe she was still making shopping
Love should be trust, happiness'
sharing of emotions every day
with your partner

not to live in doubt
and feel frustrated by something
one thing that maybe it 's never happened

There is no worst thing to ruin
love that distance!
and 'a blade that goes' straight our heart!

Who was in the midst of a
long-distance relationship, it should
to deal with all these

People are made made to go
together not wait ..

Who loves you never really
would like to see you far
will do anything get you next.

Those who decide to leave, we must respect
his will 'to let him go.
but realizing that that relationship
will not be 'more' the same thing..

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  1. very true. I understand that difficult relationship all to well but maybe I am naive to believe that love will know no barriers no boundry and no distance. But maybe that is why I am still waitng